Our Process


Initial Consultation

You have a vision when it comes to your dream home, whether it's a sketch, a magazine clipping, or a lot you've already purchased. We bring that vision into perfect focus by consulting with you, reviewing your needs, providing expert advice, and refining our overall plan until you're utterly satisfied.

Pricing & Timeline

Next, we sharpen our pencils and put our calculators to work, giving you detailed budgets and estimates for each facet of your project. The result? An estimate and timeline that's on the money – and with no surprises.

Design & Personalization

Once your ideal vision has been explored, you'll meet with our experienced professionals to discuss design decisions, including everything from kitchen layout to paint colors, cabinets to flooring, door knobs to appliances. No detail is too small, no idea too big.


Using the highest standards of construction, we build quality into every project. We use preferred contractors, cutting edge technologies, and centralized scheduling to make certain that every step is monitored to keep your project on track. Additionally, during regular builder meetings, we will meet with you to discuss the process, timelines, choices, and warranties. At any time in between, you'll be able to login to your project using our innovative Build Tools system, giving you the latest updates.  All of this is because we believe that honest communication is the foundation of any successful building or remodeling project. If you have questions at any time, you'll enjoy almost instant access to our team.

The Finishing Touches

As the project nears completion, our team walks the house with you to identify issues and ensure everything is perfect before you move in. But, we're not finished. Even after we've handed you the keys to your dream home, rest assured we stand by our work, providing you with the absolute highest level of customer service, all to ensure a lifetime of pride and satisfaction.